The Amazing Mob 9 Flying Triangle

Mob 9 Flying Triangle
  • Can you master the Mob 9 Flying Triangle? If thrown correctly, the flying triangle will return to the thrower like a boomerang. Or, it can be thrown flat and level to a partner like a frisbee.


  • Best way to get the kids up off the couch and outside for great family fun! Take it to the beach, the park or even to school – everybody will want to join in.


  • Easy to use! Even the youngest members of your family will find the Mob 9 Flying Triangle so much easier to throw and catch than a traditional Frisbee. Watch how proud your kids are when they master the boomerang technique and the triangle swings back to them.

  • No more sore hands! The durable plastic core is surrounded by soft rubber for easy, comfortable catches.The flexible design allows for bending to adjust the flight pattern.


  • Great gift! Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas, Summer holidays or just for fun – every household needs at least one of these amazing flying triangles!

Throwing Flying Triangle On The Beach
Throwing Mob 9 Flying Triangle at The Beach
Mob 9 Flying Triangle At The Park
Throwing Mob 9 Flying Triangle at The Park

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