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Throw and Catch

As the name suggests, this is a simple game of 2 or more players where the flying ring or triangle is thrown from one player to the next.

Target Practice

For this game you need to try to land the flying ring or triangle on a target. You could use any object as your target such as a thong or other shoe or towel or anything at all.

Decide where to throw from and then whoever lands closest to the target wins!

Catch It On Your Foot

Have someone throw the ring or triangle towards you and try to catch it on your foot.

Catch It On Your Head

Have someone throw the ring or triangle towards you and try to catch it on your head – this is harder than catching it on your foot, in fact, we think it might be impossible to catch the triangle on your head – if you manage to do it, please send us a video!

Throwing Race

Pair off into teams of two for this game – you’ll need one flying ring or triangle for each pair. Stand a few feet apart and try to complete as many passes as possible in two minutes. The team with the most completed passes wins.

Hula Hoop Throw

For this game, hang a hula hoop in a tree. Each player gets five chances to throw a Flying Ring through the hoop. Earn a point each time a Flying Ring goes through the hoop.

Keepings Off or Piggy In The Middle

Form 2 teams and throw the ring to each other while keeping it from the other team. Or, one person is the “piggy” in the middle and everyone else tries to keep them from catching the ring. When the piggy catches it, the person who threw the ring becomes the new “piggy”.

Flying Ring Bowling

This super simple game is easy to play. Line up water bottles for bowling pins and try to knock them down with your flying ring.

Flying Ring Bocce

For this game, players form a line. The first person rolls a tennis ball. Each player tosses their flying ring, trying to land it on or close to the ball. The player whose ring is the closest gets one point — two points if their ring lands on the ball!

Flying Ring Golf

Using baskets, set up a “golf course” around the yard. Take turns tossing the Flying Ring towards the “hole.” Just like golf, try to take as few throws as possible to land the ring inside the basket. The player with the lowest score wins.

Who Can Throw It The Furthest?

This is a fairly self explanatory game – take turns to see who can throw the flying ring or triangle the furthest. But, be warned, you need a lot of space for this game as the MOB 9 flying ring will amaze you with how far it can fly. Think you’ve thrown it the furthest?

Let us know and we’ll add you to our leaderboard.

Flying Ring Baseball

Trade your ball and bat for a Mob 9 Flying Ring. Just like regular baseball, teams try to earn the most runs. “Batters” throw a disc and run the bases. If a fielding player catches it, the batter is out.